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September 18, 2012 3 Comments

It was an interesting result last week. Since Onalaska and Aquinas soccer played to a 0-0 tie after two overtimes, I’m claiming a tie on my record. So, instead of going 1-2 for the second straight week, I went 1-1-1 to put my overall record at 5-3-1. Here’s how it happened:

1. My pick: Onalaska soccer def. Aquinas 2-1. Actual result: Onalaska and Aquinas finish in 0-0 tie.

2. My pick: BRF football def. Arcadia 35-27. Acutal result: BRF def. Arcadia 27-18

3. My pick: G-E-T football def. West Salem 27-14. Actual result: West Salem def. G-E-T 21-14

After seeing many of these teams now for at least a month, I’m confident I can do better this week. Just watch, I’m hitting my stride with these upcoming picks.

1. Girls Golf – Tomah wins MVC Championship at Trempealeau Mountain

I often say golf is the hardest sport to pick an individual winner, since being such a mental game, even the best player can have an off day. Likewise, with a lot of luck involved as well, players with less skill can shoot lights out. But, with a couple of stalwart players, including MVC leader Dana Wagner and Danielle Ducklow (who shot an impressive 36 at Hiawatha on Monday despite cold and breezy conditions), it’s hard to think Tomah won’t be heading into Regionals (also at Hiawatha) as the Conference Champions.

2. Football – BRF def. G-E-T 18-15

I vowed not to pick against the Tigers in an earlier post, and I won’t this week. Keep in mind they are playing a G-E-T squad who are likely to be playing angry after suffering their first loss to West Salem last week. I see this one being a brawl until the end out in Galesville, but after all is said and done, Jordan Millis will find the endzone a couple more times and BRF will be going home happy.

3. Football – Necedah def. Hillsboro 35-28

Both teams have shown they have a nose for the endzone this year. Hillsboro has scored no fewer than 36 points this season, while Necedah’s scored at least 27. Hillsboro may still be undefeated, but their strength of schedule thus far has left something to be desired. Necedah’s only loss came at Bangor in a week two high-scoring thriller. Given the fact the Cardinals top two rushers (Kris Manning, Eugene Crabtree) have combined for more than 1100 yards in four weeks, my prediction is Bangor will be the only team still perfect in the Scenic Bluffs.

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I'm a home-grown member of Your Hometown Team. Born and raised in the Coulee Region, I grew up playing baseball, basketball, football and golf (as well as trying to luge down my parents' driveway, but that was a phase). I enjoyed performing in front of an audience, so I thought I'd make a career out of it. Now, I'm lucky enough to work with the people I grew up watching, and helping them keep you covered with the latest news and sports from around the area. (I'll leave the weather to the meteorologists).

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  1. Don Nelson says:

    It appears that you have figured out that Jordan Millis is a pretty good football player. How do the Coulee coaches not recognize this and find a way to make him a nonfactor in the game. Double or triple team him if needed. Make someone else beat you.

    • Dustin Luecke says:

      I don’t really think it would matter much how many defenders you put on Jordan Millis. Ethan Young will still find someone to throw to, and Ryan Millis added a late score. This seems to be just a strong BRF team.

  2. Don Nelson says:

    Ok I have to say you were correct. West Salem managed to slow Jordan Millis down and Ethan Young showed he as plenty of weapons (Matt Lafaunge and Grant Stittleburg). Interesting the field position BRF starts with every time. Punting out of bounds and short kickoff’s. Has no team the confidence in their special teams to make a play. I say kick it to Millis and make him prove he is that good.

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