Balancing Act

January 29, 2013 2 Comments

First and foremost, I apologize for my lack of activity since football season. With tournaments, holidays and everything that goes with them, it’s been difficult to find time above and beyond our daily coverage. That said, I’m a firm believer in making plays, not excuses.

That actually leads well into the topic for this post: Balancing sports, school and life, specifically with regard to high school athletes.

The story that prompted this features Sam Leinfelder, an extraordinary athlete from La Crosse Logan. Leinfelder is, like many high school athletes, active in multiple sports. What sets him apart from others, however, is the fact he’s participating (and excelling) in multiple sports in the same season–powerlifting and skiing.

Speaking from experience as someone involved in many high school activities (both athletic and otherwise), I found it to be a challenge sometimes managing such a schedule. I often wonder, for example, if I might have been able to play baseball at a higher level if I focused solely on that. On the flip side, would I have become burned out by devoting my full attention to a single sport?

So, my question to you is this: Do you think it’s better for kids to diversify their athletic and co-curricular experience? Or would you rather see kids focus on a single sport with the hope of learning all aspects and honing their skill?

There are no right or wrong answers to these questions, just different schools of thought. Either way, it’s something interesting to think about…

Be sure to catch my story about Sam on Wednesday, January 30th, on News 19 Sports at six and ten. And as always, if you have any story ideas or feedback, let me know via email:

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  1. Tim Saterbak says:

    Thank you for the nice piece on Sam & Fritz.

    I’m a family friend and would like to know if Sam told you how much more he lifted than his father?

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